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Laurel Mintz

Through this experience, I became aware of where I was blocking flow in my life, and now I’m making shifts to create even more ease. The Falling in Love with Yourself course is uncomfortable in the best way, and that’s where real change happens.

Shandy Arend

I gained so much from the experience of focusing on intentional time thinking about how loving myself first impacts all areas of my life.

Christi Botello

I’m now putting into practice micro-habits of treating MYSELF well, engaging with myself in new ways, and getting more in touch with my desires from this.

AdaPia d’Errico

The short, powerful morning practices recharge and energize you for the day. Sloane shows you how to prioritize “you” – without feeling a shred of guilt. The way you treat yourself will change for the better after this course!

Regina Johnson

Beyond the Edge is the ultimate customized retreat! There is truly nothing like it. Everything was designed for my transformation, and it gave me a path to full integration.

Grace Kaynor

When I started working with Sloane, I had been doing a lot of growth work to heal from a personal loss that changed my life completely. I knew I was ready to move forward in a big way but felt stuck in my business and in certain relationships. During our time together, I’ve opened a second retail location in my business, hired a new team, and created new systems, allowing us to scale.

Most importantly, I’m genuinely enjoying myself with my family, being so much more present with them. I am expressing myself and making choices for me with a lot less fear and judgment. I’m so much more kind to myself. I’m living from the place that every little thought, expression and choice means something – it’s a whole new level of consciousness that has truly elevated my life.


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