Several years ago I felt this inner pull ~ it’s time to leave Los Angeles. 

But move where? 

After 18 years of a love affair with my city, it would have to be somewhere quite special.

You know that feeling where inner guidance arises but there’s still a part of you 

that isn’t ready for the change? 

Fast forward to summer 2022, I’m at a mini-Burning Man-esq event where 100 people from across the nation are all gathered to contribute to the experience. I soon learn that about half of the people are from the same community and for the first time, I have an experience of how powerful living in that community could be.

And now today, after a lot of visiting and soulful considerations, I have a new home there and next week we are packing up to move to…Austin, Texas. 

This is not what I ever expected

Much like life goes when you follow my inner guidance, I would never have dreamed in a million years that I would move to Texas. 

That’s the beauty of taking the leap into something that doesn’t always make sense but feels so right.

And it doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Letting go can be hard

Even today I’m noticing it’s hard to let go of my life here in Los Angeles.

I’m sure you’ve had your own version of this. Where have you experienced the pain of letting go? 

It should be easier, after so much letting go ~ my marriage, multiple relationships since then, my law firm, even my birth name ~ and yet, there’s still a real sadness about leaving. 

Because there can be sorrow and pain in letting go, this is one of the areas I see women get stuck, even women who have experienced letting go in the past. 

At this new level, they become afraid of experiencing sorrow or pain and instead of noticing the fear and allowing themselves to feel, they hold onto something that’s no longer aligned.

I know from personal experience and from working with women around the world, sometimes it feels easier or more safe to hold on, even when you know in your heart of hearts that thing or relationship or location is no longer for your highest good. Or you feel stuck in one area of your life and don’t realize there’s more you need to let go.

It’s in letting go that the new can come in. 

So a mantra I love that I wanted to share with you today is:

It’s safe to let go.

It’s something I use often to support myself in stepping into the unknown. I use it to remind me that with myself, I am always safe. And that life is here for me. 

When you allow yourself to let go and walk into the unknown, life always delivers an even greater experience on the other side. 
I would love to know if this mantra resonates with you – Safe to Let Go Mantra.