A few months ago, I was deep in meditation when it hit me: 

I haven’t been treating myself well. 

I’ve been eating whatever, even while knowing how much dairy and bread slow me down (and how much green juice and veggies lift me up). 

I’ve been hitting snooze on my alarm for a “meditation” lying down for 8 minutes, even while knowing that I feel best with at least 20 minutes and that meditation is not nearly as meaningful for me when I’m resting in bed. 

Maybe some small part of me justified all of this because I thought, “I’m the only one who would notice.” 

It’s the lie we tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter if no one else sees when actually those are the things that matter the most. 

I heard this saying the other day that I love: 

By small and simple things, great things come to pass. 

And in my meditation, it struck me so clearly that this feeling I was having that business was moving slowly or tediously was actually a reflection of how I was doing the small and simple things. I was blocking great things through the way I was doing the smallest of things, the things I do every day. 

And those things turn out not to be so small. 

The food I eat determines the amount of energy I have, the quality of my thoughts, literally contributing in a big way to the energetic vibration that I put out in the world. And my meditation is a part of my physical, emotional and mental health not to mention my spiritual connection. 

This is the foundation of well…everything. And it was so easy to convince myself otherwise.

Take a moment to reflect in your own life, how do you treat yourself when no one else is looking? 

Your answer shows the truth of the quality of relationship you’re having with yourself. 

And that relationship, it turns out, is the greatest predictor of whether and how you’re living in your greatness because it is literally the frame through which you experience life.