What brought you here?

What part of you was moved to take that powerful step towards the fulfillment you really desire?

And most importantly, what is it saying now?

Maybe, you’re not entirely sure what your next move needs to be, maybe you’re following that lingering feeling that beckons you towards more.

Maybe that voice is less of a silent whisper and more of a commanding roar, telling you now is the time and this is the way.

However it may be showing up for you, I want to invite you to join me, for a completely confidential, one on one call to discuss what the next steps on your path might look like.

Consider this an exploration, trying on what the future may hold in the same way you might try on a beautiful dress (even when you’re not sure where you would wear it).

This is all about possibility, and how the path and guidance I’ve shared with countless women can support you in creating a life of joy, passion, pleasure, success and impact at the level you know is possible for you.

Curious about what working
with me looks like?

Here are some possibilities...

Falling in Love

with Yourself

The key to your next breakthrough can be found in the
most powerful relationship of all… the one with yourself. 

Falling in love with yourself is all about cultivating the most important relationship you’ll have in your life, the one with yourself, and watching the ripple effects of that relationship create the kind of results you’ve been looking for in every area of your life. It’s your opportunity to look at your current relationship with yourself and truly ask yourself, is this as good as I want it to be?

This isn’t done from a place of work, but from a place of pleasure and play, that allows you to:

Sloane, you are deeply wise. I love that you are a student of the human experience and have truly explored how to optimize one’s existence. Thank you for your bravery, vision and sharing! And for anyone considering this course, do it! It was totally worth it and was both healing and profound.
Jennifer Azar Burnham-Grubbs

Beyond The Edge


Step away from life within the lines, and take yourself beyond the edge. 
Beyond the Edge is the ultimate customized retreat! There is truly nothing like it. Everything was designed for my transformation, and it gave me a path to full integration.
Regina Johnson

Beyond the Edge is a luxury 4 day retreat unlike any other, that is entirely focused around your desires, your presence, and what big picture you’re being called into next. This is where you make the choice to shift your life in a bold and unshakable way.

Warrior of the Heart


Intuitive plant medicine meets rustic luxury at Warrior of the Heart

Warrior of the Heart Retreat removes the mystery and confusion around plant medicine, puts you in the hands of three highly qualified guides, and provides you with a luxury setting and intimate support before, during, and after your medicine journey.

This was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy in 2 nights. Life-changing & luxurious. Highly recommended if you truly want to see your shadows AND fall in love with yourself.
Melanie Spring

Private 1:1

Consulting & Coaching

Supporting and Guiding you to
your Highest Self Realized

Each year, I work with a handful of women who have attended a retreat in an intimate and extended coaching relationship. The private consulting investment starts at $120,000 for a 12 month contract. This offering is for the client who is ready to transform her paradigm, elevate her life experience to a place of consistent satisfaction and pleasure, and create the level of success and impact she knows she is here to create.

Working with Sloane helped create a seismic shift in my perception of myself and what’s possible for my business and life. For one, I have a loving relationship with myself, which is very different than this time last year. And it’s spilled over to my business - not only am I going after bigger clients and putting myself out there even more, but I’ve doubled my revenue. It’s insane. I’m also listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky’s the limit.
Janet Gusdorff

Thank you for your interest in working together. Please complete the form below for further details and to explore whether one of our offerings is right for you. 


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