Beyond the confines. Beyond the limitations. Beyond the edge.

August 8 - 11th, 2024

Join us for a 4 day journey to awaken the flame in you and the true answer behind “what next?”.

Beyond the Edge Retreat is a women's retreat unlike any other that has been custom created to bring you to a place where you can call in your desires, experience a whole new level of giving and receiving, and clearly see what’s required for your next evolution.

It always starts with a story. The kind of story you find in New York Times bestselling books, or Ted Talks. The story where the person has their big “awakening moment” after a devastating break-up, burnout, a deep loss,
or a near-death experience.

Suddenly, the truth cuts through all the external goals and noise, the haze of uncertainty and the lack of
clarity. It becomes clear exactly why they’re here on the highest level, and exactly what they need to do next.

It’s paradigm shattering, it’s motivating, and it’s not the only way.

I don’t want you to wait until the day you wake up in a hospital, face crushing heartbreak, or spend years wondering if that great awakening will come at all.

Your greatest awakening doesn’t need to be thrust upon you in the form of a tragedy, on some timeline that’s beyond your control.

Beyond the Edge is your opportunity to make that choice. To pack your bags and trust, that you’ll find yourself exactly where you need to be, among the exact people you need to be around, at the exact moment you’re
meant to be there.

Through the experience of Beyond the Edge Retreat, you now get to CHOOSE the moment in which it all becomes clear. The moment when you orient your life towards your highest calling.

The term for “orgasm” in French “La petite mort” which directly translates to “the little death”, and honestly…I find that kind of incredible.

Because, yes, there absolutely is pleasure that’s found in the metamorphosis, in the moment between the releasing of your former self and the rebirth of who you are becoming, and every moment that follows your great awakening on the other side.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or comfortable.

Beyond the Edge allows you to be led by a trusted guide, going through this metamorphosis together in a small, tight-knit, curated intimate community that makes the experience an uplifting journey that allows you to literally glow from the inside out.

I will be there with you every step of the way and know exactly how to guide you as I’ve navigated my own life, emerged through multiple iterations of myself, and have guided hundreds of women around the world through the same, and I will be able to show you just how exciting, fulfilling, and intimate the journey can truly be.

La petite mort and I are very dear friends.

And here’s the beauty in what I’ve discovered, drastic shifts on the inside doesn’t always mean having to burn it all down on the outside.
In fact, here’s what some of these transformations have looked like first-hand:

Michelle Curry Felendes

Financial Advisor

I think back to myself 10 months ago, and I'm just a different person.

When Sloane first invited me to go on a retreat, I was intrigued, but didn’t know if I wanted to take the time away from my family and life responsibilities. Now I think back to myself at that time, and I’m just a different person. That investment in myself was the catalyst for such amazing transformation and growth. 

I had known for a while that I wanted to make a shift in how I was being in my life and business, so when the opportunity came to go to the Beyond the Edge retreat I decided to go with an open mind, ready to experience new ways of thinking and being.

The event completely changed my life. I came face to face with who I knew I wanted to be, both as a woman and as a business owner, and did the work to look at how I was getting in my own way. After coming home I’ve been able to be more vulnerable with my family, friends, and people I work with. I’ve been present and grounded, able to focus on what’s most important in creating this life I see for myself. As I’ve stepped into owning the kind of business I want and the kinds of clients I want to work with, new opportunities are already presenting themselves that align with the vision. I’m so thankful for this experience and can’t recommend it enough. 

Shandy Arend

Custom Build Interior Designer

Why is the experience such a mystery?

No known location? No shared daily agenda? Showing up in total anonymity without the identity of your last name or
career to stand on?

Well first, let me say…when has life ever handed you an agenda? How often have the things you planned actually gone
exactly to plan? When have you gotten to stand fully and completely in the present moment without the story that’s attached
to you or others?

If you look at the things you hold most dear in life, I’m willing to bet that most of them came pretty unexpectedly…

That’s because the unknown requires an unprecedented level of trust; in yourself, in others, in the knowledge that
everything is unfolding for your greatest good, exactly as it is.

Everything that happens on this retreat is custom curated for that specific retreat, for the specific women attending, for your
awakening moment. And you will not receive a schedule (that’s
where you’re going to have to trust us, and more importantly
where you’ll have the opportunity to build trust with yourself).

If you’re feeling called to this experience, there is a reason you
need to be there. Are you ready to trust that?

No agenda. No location. Not knowing exactly what to expect.
Releasing control.

But know that every detail has been hand selected for you. You are completely taken care of in every way.

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What Happened After
Beyond the Edge Retreat

"A big idea was slowing down to speed up, which was [previously] terrifying for me. And retreat was a manifestation of that. I had all of these lightbulb moments and being able to take that foward was a massive shift for me..." with Kirsty

This is not for Everyone

But if you've been craving the breakthrough that changes everything, an intimate community of powerhouse women, and an intimate way to spend one on one time with me...then this call is yours to answer.

Part of designing this Beyond the Edge around you and your next uplevel means providing you with an unforgettable experience.

So while the exact location may be a mystery, rest assured you’ll feel taken care of and nourished in every way possible. Physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Let me show you where we’ve hosted Beyond the Edge in the past…

While we may be at a different location, you can trust you will be exactly where you need to be in a space of luxury, comfort and abundance for your next expansion, and I will custom curate the space perfectly for you and the other women at the retreat.

Are you ready

August 8 - 11th, 2024

to boldly call and take ownership of your deepest desires?
Join us for a peak experience where together, we journey to your fullest
alignment, clarity, pleasure and joy. 

Will you accept?

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