Fulfill Your



Miraculous, powerful woman,

can we just take a moment to appreciate you?

I mean, wow.

The amount of energy and work you’ve put into healing, growing, and crafting the incredible human you are today is an incredible thing to witness.

And yet, I know there might be moments where everything you’ve put in doesn’t feel like enough. When you are still finding yourself reaching for more.

And I want you to know that’s okay and perfectly normal. Because the major piece that gets you there (to that place of deep, incredible fulfillment) is a piece that most women haven’t been taught to prioritize: pleasure.

Pleasure. Alignment. “I can’t believe this is the life I get to live” level joy.

Now if the idea of using pleasure to tap into your absolute highest potential sounds like learning a new language fear, I want you to know it’s because women have been conditioned to put pleasure on the back burner, that it’s in the “doing” rather than the “being”.

But releasing this programming and creating a new paradigm for your life isn’t something you have to do alone. I’m here, and this is a journey we can make together.

Are You the
Kind of Woman

…who everyone sees as being at the top of her game? Even when it doesn’t always feel that way behind closed doors.

…who wants to see just how big her wings can stretch, but finds herself stuck in the same carousel?

…who lights up the rooms she walks in but feels self-doubt on the inside?

…who achieves a big win, only to be looking at the next goalpost a few days (if not a few hours) later?

…who finds herself feeling almost bored, short tempered or simply not present with the things that she thought would bring her the most fulfillment (partner, kids, business)?

Then you are ready to step into a place where pleasure and alignment create your greatest impact and success. Where your next uplevel is achieved by the foundation of feeling good, rather than working harder.

Relax, stay a while.

Have a hot cup of chai. Look at how far your growth has already brought you.
And most importantly… know you are in the right place.


The Real Diaries

Who are you when nobody is looking?

A few months ago, I was deep in meditation when it hit me: 

I haven’t been treating myself well. 

I’ve been eating whatever, even while knowing how much dairy and bread slow me down (and how much green juice and veggies lift me up). 

I’ve been hitting snooze on my alarm for a “meditation”

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The Big Move

Several years ago I felt this inner pull ~ it’s time to leave Los Angeles. 

But move where? 

After 18 years of a love affair with my city, it would have to be somewhere quite special.

You know that feeling where inner guidance arises but there’s still a part of you 

that isn’t ready for

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A Unique Perspective On The Truth About Women

“Don’t do it, you’ll be making a huge mistake.” 

This is my beloved mentor’s warning when I share that I’m planning to leave my job at one of the world’s largest law firms to build my own. 

Despite the chorus of caution from pretty much everyone close to me, I have to make

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Your path to


Can we talk about the full sovereignty vibes that come as a direct result of operating totally within alignment with your highest self?

The kind of alignment that feels easy, where you flow through your day without anxiety and stress.

Where your ideas and innovation seem to constantly flow? Where you’re actually excited about every aspect of what you’re building and most every moment of your day?

I get all juiced up just thinking about it

And here’s the thing, it’s entirely possible for you. In fact, here’s what this actually looks like:

You live from a place where you embrace both your light and shadow with radical self-love.

You realize that your shadow self is no longer something to overcome or “work through” but something that is an integral part of your overall being. Just like a rose isn’t any less perfect because of it’s thorns, we never ask it to change or to show up as any other kind of rose, you’ll be able to embrace every aspect of your being…thorns and all.

You live from a place where you fulfill your deepest desires using pleasure as your North Star.

You’ve built so much, and you have every intention to continue reaching to your fullest potential, but trying to get there on a foundation that’s built solely on action and growth isn’t sustainable (especially when deep fulfillment is your end goal). Together we will find the state of being where relying on pleasure as the path to next-level success is second nature. Does it mean that life is always a bed of flower petals? No, it doesn’t. But it does mean you flip the switch on the inner light that magnetizes the people and opportunities you truly desire.

We will hold you in a community that amplifies your
greatness so we can all rise together.

With greater alignment comes a powerful ripple effect that shows in the people around you. Your relationship with your family, your friends, your team, your clients. All of which becomes a natural reflection of belonging to an epic community of sovereign women who are evolving together, the kind of community where you will find love and support even when things get hard.

You’ve worked hard to bring yourself to this place. It’s time to connect you to the final piece of the puzzle.

Together We Rise

Janet Gusdorff


I'm listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky's the limit.

Working with Sloane helped create a seismic shift in my perception of myself and what's possible for my business and life. For one, I have a loving relationship with myself, which is very different than this time last year. And it's spilled over to my business - not only am I going after bigger clients and putting myself out there even more, but I've doubled my revenue. It's insane. I'm also listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky's the limit. 

Katie Lasky


Late in 2019 I was at a point in my life where I knew that my life could feel better. I had been through a divorce and other significant life challenges that left me feeling depleted and low, but the one thing I realized is that I was the common element to all of those challenges. And something in me knew very deeply that life could be more joyful and just feel better. This is when Sloane and I connected.

As I sit here today on my flight home from two weeks in Kenya- the most glorious and transformative experience with wonderful open-hearted and growth-minded women- I could not be more grateful, proud and excited about all that is my life now.

I have a thriving business; a deep, loving, fun and peaceful relationship with my kids; and a deep and loving relationship with myself. I still experience challenges and activations, but I am able to approach them with curiosity to know myself better (rather than ego); confidence that I know I am on the right path and compassion for myself and how far I have come.

Sloane has a unique gift for shining her light to help you see yourself better; challenging you when you need it; and helping you realize all that is already inside you to be able to have a life that you love-- whatever that means to you.

Working with Sloane is the greatest gift I have given myself and I feel so much gratitude to myself and to Sloane for lighting the way.


Jenn Germaine

Attorney & Coach

What emerged for me through our work together was the ability to always turn into my desires (over fear) and to open to the most beautiful life filled with ease, grace, connection and remarkable joy.

I began coaching with Sloane to achieve growth and success in my law firm.  During our time together, I did just that, but so much more.  By looking back, I can see that Sloane was one of the first and only people I had in my life that held an open container for me to be, well, just me.  I began to open up to her with what my truest desires were in life, as well as my struggles, hidden secrets, and areas of my life that felt empty or depleted.  She accepted all parts of me with grace and love.  It was through working with Sloane that I fully embraced what I had known for a long time - I never desired to be a lawyer.  I worked with Sloane to unwind myself from aspects of my life I no longer desired.  What emerged for me through our work together was the ability to always turn into my desires (over fear) and to open to the most beautiful life filled with ease, grace, connection and remarkable joy.  I also sold my law firm and stepped into the work I've always dreamed of doing. I'm forever thankful for having Sloane touch my life.


Alex Pursglove

Success Coach

I've slowed down, I'm more present and focused - and my business has more than tripled in the last year.

Before working with Sloane, I was always in go mode.  I always had too much to do and never enough time to do it. I've slowed down, I'm more present and focused - and my business has more than tripled in the last year.  What's more, I'm taking care of myself and enjoying the journey now.  I've become so much more confident and fulfilled by what I do.

On a personal side, my marriage is better than it's ever been.  We’re excited about the future we're building together on a whole new level.

Melanie Spring

International Keynote
Speaker & Speaker Trainer

When Sloane approached me with the prospect of coaching, I was really unsure.

When Sloane approached me with the prospect of coaching, I was really unsure. Few people can scare an Approachable Badass and she's one of those people. Not because she's scary, but because going "there" felt intense - and it was - yet I also knew there was so much more possible for me in life and business. What a ride! In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve reorganized my business so it’s in full alignment with who I’ve become, I've magnified my impact in the world (and it started in a pretty powerful place) with the humans I want to work with, I’ve more than doubled my revenue (and counting!), and most importantly, I’m fulfilled and happy. The most fulfilled I've ever been in my life and work. We all need someone a few steps ahead of us to remind us who we can become. Sloane has been that human for me – a mentor, a guide, a coach who believed in me. I'm glad I was a full yes - I'm no longer scared of her or this woman I'm continually becoming.


Ready to say “Goodbye rigid routine”
and “Hello pleasure-based ritual”?

What does your day look like, when it starts in a way that feels entirely pleasure filled and aligned with what you need in the moment? Not some rigid 4 a.m. routine, not another “checklist” to work your way through before the coffee even kicks in…

A morning ritual that is entirely your own, designed to create an intentional uplevel in how you experience yourself, your day, and all areas of your life.

Start your morning with pleasure by accessing my Self Care Morning Ritual here:

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Meet The Real Sloane

My Story

I was right… there was more…

It’s Late-November, 2018. I’m at a boutique beach resort in Mexico, waking up in soft linens, enjoying delicious food, walking under the starry skies at night. It’s beautiful, idyllic, and I’m sharing it all with a group of friends and the man I love, who also loves me.

I am living exactly as I had dreamed only a few years before.

And… I’m lonely.

Ready to say

Goodbye rigid routine
and Hello pleasure-based ritual”?

Start your morning with pleasure by accessing my Self Care Morning Ritual here: