I was


There was more…

It’s Late-November, 2018. I’m at a boutique beach resort in Mexico, waking up in soft linens, enjoying delicious food, walking under the starry skies at night. It’s beautiful, idyllic, and I’m sharing it all with a group of friends and the man I love, who also loves me.

I am living exactly as I had dreamed only a few years before.

And… I’m lonely.

Have you ever found yourself in this place that looked perfect on the outside, but you still felt alone and yearning for more?

For a long time, I’ve been ignoring the fighting, the tears, the drama, the joylessness… in my relationship.

And in my business… I know I am just scratching the surface of my potential. I’m yearning to bring all of me to the table – integrating pleasure and spirituality into my work – so I can expand and create even deeper impact.

My inner turmoil came to a head at this gorgeous resort in Mexico.

Instead of sipping champagne, making love, and watching the waves crash below our patio, my partner and I get into a huge argument.

He is deeply frustrated because all of this beneath the surface is wanting to be seen.

“Sloane, we can’t keep going on like this. We have to do something!”

I don't have answers.

Then he says,

“Let’s get married.”

It hits me like one of the waves crashing below us.

I suddenly realize:

I do not want to marry this man as a way of trying to resolve all the things we haven’t been able to heal. Our relationship isn’t going to grow through marriage.

I’m talking to a man who thinks that getting married is going to solve all of our issues. That is not the life I was envisioning!

This was the turning point that changed everything for me.

I made the decision to honor my intuition and leave my good life – I was ready to align to my highest vision of what I knew was possible for me – and I was prepared to do what it took to make it happen.

Perhaps you’ve had a moment in life where you felt the same? Where you realized you’re not fully aligned with who you truly are or what is actually possible for you? And you just know, you can sense what it might be like-

To be the woman who is in her full expression of her truth - in life, business, and love.

The truth is, while my journey led me to revolutionize my life in a rather dramatic way – it doesn’t have to be this way. After guiding hundreds of women on their path of highest alignment – I’ve seen firsthand how unique each of our journeys are. And yet for me…

By the beginning of 2019, I had ended my relationship (painful), put a hold on all my friendships (isolating), and canceled all of my plans (major bummer). The only thing I held onto was my relationship with my daughter.

It was time to face myself with the support of loving mentors

To look at the things I didn’t want to see.

My sadness. My grief. My loneliness. My true feelings and deepest desires to play bigger in the world, while also exploring the depths of intimacy.

I sat with my loneliness and got to know it. It was a painful yet powerful experience. I finally saw my loneliness was from a lack of the deepest quality connection to myself.

I reflected on my behavior and saw hard truths.

I had depended on others and ever-escalating peak experiences to feel pleasure – spending the summer in Europe, jumping off a bridge over the Zambezi River in Africa, constant travel, exploring new relationships, the list goes on.

Finally, I realized that I was plugging into external experiences, people, and things for pleasure rather than cultivating pleasure from within.

Deeper and deeper into myself I went, seeing my blindspots and persistently looking closely at who I was being.

Slowly, I started to make different choices

consciously choosing what I knew was my highest alignment, even when it was challenging.

The hardest “looking” I did, was how I was showing up with my daughter. She was 8, and I played out my own childhood patterns of being emotionally distant. I had healing to do there. With all my heart, I wanted a close relationship with her.

None of this was easy, but it was soon to be wildly worth it.

I embraced the darkest parts of me that I discovered on this journey with radical self-love.

My relationship with my daughter flourished; we became close and deeply connected.

I claimed pleasure as the foundation of
everything I do and create.

My state of being changed – I began to materialize things I always knew were available to me. And everything that didn’t align eventually became easy to release and allow to fall away.

And as a result,

I stepped fully onto my purpose path. I knew my deepest alignment was to be a loving guide to other incredible women who were ready to step into their highest potential. And I went ALL IN – I entered a state of being that makes you unstoppable on your mission. It’s what brings us here. 🙂

I went from creating material success to fulfilling my highest potential, and this, in turn, led to more material success than I’ve ever experienced. I choose this way of being every day as I continue to expand and grow while guiding other women in doing the same.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m living out my highest potential. And I genuinely wish the same for every woman who hears this calling.

The Real
Sloane Now

Now you’ve heard my personal story from the inside, you understand my big “why,” and maybe even feel a kindred connection with your own story…

And outside of all of that, there is one thing I really want you to take away, the very thing that has allowed me to guide hundreds of women around the world to their highest potential and their most potent truth:

Transcending the aspects of your life that aren’t lighting you up comes from a path of feeling good consistently, not the other way around. 

It comes from entering a co-creative relationship with life and moving from a place of ease, joy, and pleasure. 

As a former business attorney, I developed a mastery in understanding what it truly takes to create the highest version of your success. With over two decades of experience, I’ve supported clients in scaling hundreds of businesses (through legal work and all areas of business consulting), anywhere from start-up entrepreneurship to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

Now, I take my experience and knowledge, combined with my intuition, to guide my own clients, women like you, who are ready to put hustle culture in the rearview mirror and finally discover their own inner truths and use them to create strategies that will bring them even more success, financial prosperity, and impact.

Uncovering the profound from a place of ease doesn’t come naturally; it’s definitely not part of our culture…yet. But with commitment to find pleasure and a love for self-success, anyone’s highest vision of themselves can be born. And if you’re here, you know you were meant for something much greater.

I have mastery in success strategy. I know how to help clients step into their next elevation of revenue. And I’m a guide of women and a lover of leading through pleasure. With worldwide success stories under my belt, I’d love to add your name to that list. Not because my list of credentials says so, but because you’re listening to the same intuition that brought you here in the
first place.

With love,


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