Client Love Notes

Explore a glimpse of our clients results and the possibilities available through our work together

When I started working with Sloane, I had been doing a lot of growth work to heal from a personal loss that changed my life completely. I knew I was ready to move forward in a big way but felt stuck in my business and in certain relationships. During our time together, I’ve opened a second retail location in my business, hired a new team, and created new systems, allowing us to scale.

Most importantly, I’m genuinely enjoying myself with my family, being so much more present with them. I am expressing myself and making choices for me with a lot less fear and judgment. I’m so much more kind to myself. I’m living from the place that every little thought, expression and choice means something – it’s a whole new level of consciousness that has truly elevated my life.

Grace Kaynor

Interior Designer & Retail Owner

Working with Sloane helped create a seismic shift in my perception of myself and what's possible for my business and life. For one, I have a loving relationship with myself, which is very different than this time last year. And it's spilled over to my business - not only am I going after bigger clients and putting myself out there even more, but I've doubled my revenue. It's insane. I'm also listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky's the limit. 

Janet Gusdorff


I left a business partnership and now have a 7-figure firm (within the first year), and I have a whole new level of connection with my daughters. I feel free to be completely myself and for myself and enjoy the people in my life in the deepest ways.

Katie Lasky


When Sloane approached me with the prospect of coaching, I was really unsure. Few people can scare an Approachable Badass and she's one of those people. Not because she's scary, but because going "there" felt intense - and it was - yet I also knew there was so much more possible for me in life and business. What a ride! In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve reorganized my business so it’s in full alignment with who I’ve become, I've magnified my impact in the world (and it started in a pretty powerful place) with the humans I want to work with, I’ve more than doubled my revenue (and counting!), and most importantly, I’m fulfilled and happy. The most fulfilled I've ever been in my life and work. We all need someone a few steps ahead of us to remind us who we can become. Sloane has been that human for me – a mentor, a guide, a coach who believed in me. I'm glad I was a full yes - I'm no longer scared of her or this woman I'm continually becoming.

Melanie Spring

International Keynote
Speaker & Speaker Trainer

Before working with Sloane, I was always in go mode.  I always had too much to do and never enough time to do it. I've slowed down, I'm more present and focused - and my business has more than tripled in the last year.  What's more, I'm taking care of myself and enjoying the journey now.  I've become so much more confident and fulfilled by what I do.

On a personal side, my marriage is better than it's ever been.  We’re excited about the future we're building together on a whole new level.

Alex Pursglove

Success Coach

Beyond the Edge is the ultimate customized retreat! There is truly nothing like it. Everything was designed for my transformation, and it gave me a path to full integration.

Regina Johnson