(*We don’t usually post videos or photos from retreats because everything that happens is a surprise or confidential…but this was a one-time retreat and a perfect moment for sharing.)

What you don’t see in the video is how we used this unique experience to explore letting go of control, receiving even more, creating together with a group of powerful women (who are all used to being in charge and who are quite good at it) and more.

Some moments were connected and heart-opening and some moments were challenging but all moments were in service of deepening each woman’s awareness of how she is showing up in life and business (and where that is contributing to her success or slowing her down), shifts for her next evolution, and deepening intimacy with those she loves.

This is a clip of a very special moment with a very special group of women. It is such a pleasure to be on this journey with each of you!

*Turn your sound on for the best experience!