Don’t do it, you’ll be making a huge mistake.” 

This is my beloved mentor’s warning when I share that I’m planning to leave my job at one of the world’s largest law firms to build my own. 

Despite the chorus of caution from pretty much everyone close to me, I have to make this change. 

Have you ever felt that you were on the right path even though it didn’t make logical sense?

Leaving my $250,000 salary is scary, but I think to myself, “how hard can it be?” 

Six months later, I’ve been working hard. And…I’ve only made $12,000. 

The fear of failure is taking over. What if I can’t cover my expenses? What if everyone discovers that this bet on myself isn’t paying off?

How coaching changed my life

Searching for help, a spontaneous decision to fly across the country for a quarterly meeting of entrepreneurial lawyers is a huge turning point. 

I learn how to grow my business and start incorporating coaching into my practice. Mindset, profitability, team building, strategy, and so much more become integrated into my services. It’s an innovative model, and my law firm is thriving.

Several years later, I create a separate coaching company as I continue to practice law. Hundreds of clients benefit from my coaching, I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue between both businesses, and by the time I sell my law firm in 2018, a new mission begins to bubble within me: I am meant to support women.

You know those inspirations you get that don’t even fit into your life as it exists now?

Why I understand women on the deepest levels

For me, this is a puzzling calling at first. Besides my small circle, most of my interactions with women have been distant, full of competition or just challenging. 

But a deep introspection reveals why. I have not been honoring myself, and this lack of self-respect and understanding has been reflected in my relationships with women.

Through this introspection and healing (with a lot of support), I develop a profound love and compassion for myself, which also becomes a profound love and appreciation for other women. 

Now, as I stand here almost five years later, it’s easy to see that every step, every stumble, and every growth edge has shaped my purpose and brought me to this place. 

I am here to guide women, to inspire them, to support them in discovering and fully aligning with their potential. 

We women are quite extraordinary. Our passion for the ones we love, the selfless choices, our soft bodies, the ways we dedicate ourselves, our capacity to communicate and build community, and so much more…And yet, most women don’t see this about themselves. 

We as women also have an innate power that is nothing like what we’ve been taught is power. (Think big fist in the air versus emanating the energy of power from within.) 

We have this inner guidance that is infinitely more powerful than any business strategy could ever be. 

And yet, most women have been taught that their truest powers are actually weaknesses. 

In truth, we can only see the truth of ourselves & live in our true power and potential when we are feeling good on the inside as our consistent way of being.

My life’s work is in service of supporting women in stepping into this clarity, this Knowing about themselves, as they walk the highest path in their lives. 

Would love for you to share your thoughts on what kind of content you want from me.

I look forward to being your guide!