live virtual retreat | June 10 - 16TH, 2024

Falling in love

with​ Yourself

A 7-day virtual retreat that will radically shift the dynamic of your relationship with yourself so you revolutionize the lens through which you experience life itself.

It’s from here that you experience the highest levels of success, enjoying your life, feeling truly fulfilled and creating impact.

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Why you need to
fall in love with you

Imagine you have a lover who you respect and admire, there’s something about them that magnetizes you, and yet…for some reason they never look you in the eye. And if they do look you in the eye, it’s fleeting, impersonal, there’s not that deep connection.

And even when you want to believe that this lover wants the best for you, there are moments where they seem critical over the smallest thing, almost like you’re not allowed to make a mistake, or experiment, or fail. Ever.

Then there’s physical intimacy, or more like the lack of intimacy. Touch doesn’t feel seductive, it feels methodical when it happens, more like maintenance than desire.

Knowing the fierce and strong woman you are, I know you wouldn’t tolerate this kind of relationship for long, and yet, it’s exactly the kind of relationship that most women have been maintaining with themselves for years, if not their entire lives.

And here is the thing, having that firework, mind blowing, “I’m so glad I get to be me” connection with yourself isn’t just about feeling confident in how you show up (although that definitely is part of it)…

It’s about creating an intimate relationship with the power within you, in a way that will be reflected in every single area of your life. The extra commas in your bank account…The deep satisfaction within your family…The ability to live a life that truly and authentically self-expressed…

It is in you and it has always been in you and now it is time to embrace it fully

For Connection

With consistency, intimacy and real attention that spark of self-love can become the flame that fuels your genius and allows you to create from a place of ease in EVERY area of your life.

For Curation

When you’re giving yourself the full attention you deserve, you hold the most intimate knowledge on what turns you on and just as important – what turns you off. This is how you become the master curator of your own life.

For Creation

When you understand the laws of manifestation and you work with them – when your relationship within yourself is firing on all cylinders – you can clearly create life on your own terms.

For Love
That Lasts A Lifetime

How beautiful to know that your relationship with yourself is one that you can truly rely on forever? The one that will always have your back and knows exactly what you need? That mind-reading lover you’ve been searching for? Yeah, it’s you.

June 10 - 16TH, 2024

Over our 7 days together, you will:

Become a master of self-amplification

Enhance your personal magnetism and expand your impact.

Choose & elevate your state

Join us to be uplifted for even more of an enhanced perspective.

Build a new & better relationship with yourself

Experience the power that comes from giving and receiving love to yourself in all areas of your life.

Play & have fun

Yes, we’re going to get serious but fun is a major part of this process.

Daily call

We’ll meet at 8 am PT for 30-minute live sessions

Daily integration

You’ll do a 15 minute daily integration practice

Daily WhatsApp

Private WhatsApp

As a member you’ll stay up-to-date and supported here

It starts by saying yes to yourself

I know there is a ton going on in your life which is why it’s so important to prioritize this time for you. I promise it will be juicy, innovative, and adventurous and the more you put into deepening this relationship with yourself the greater the rest of your life will be amplified.

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