Thoughts on being mentored by a woman…

Before I share on this topic, I’ll say that I’ve received so much from my mentors, both men and women. The individuals I’ve worked with have supported me in such profound ways.

And, often when women come to me – the successful and accomplished professionals in industries like law, consulting, wealth management, e-commerce – they tell me that most of their professional careers have been in rooms that are predominantly male.

Nearly all* of their mentors and coaches, and most examples of success, have been men.

It paints a limiting view, as many of us realize, even if we simply look at our biology and the strengths we uniquely embody as women.

They share with me that they are now – after having achieved and accomplished professional goals – craving a depth of feminine mentorship that focuses on emotional alignment and considers the woman outside of her identity as a successful entrepreneur.

They want the type of mentorship that considers your sensuality, your womanhood, how you feel in your body when you’re closing big client deals, how fulfilled you feel in your life.

The type of mentorship that focuses on your creativity, what full self-expression looks and feels like in a world where that expression isn’t the norm.

They want that, all while focusing on impact and outward success. They want both.

Because at this level you realize that “making things happen,” at the expense of feeling depleted as a woman, isn’t worth it anymore.

It actually never is, at any level (as we come to realize).

What I discover, again and again, is that the next evolution requires a complete shift in perspective.

It requires prioritizing how you feel energetically over balancing a to-do list.

It requires you to look at all the nuanced behaviors you’ve adopted by watching the masculine way of success. You must be willing to really evaluate which ones are adding to your life experience (and success) and which ones are not.

If you’re an accomplished woman in a male-dominant industry, I’m curious what you’ve discovered about integrating the feminine way in business?


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