Jenn Germaine

I began coaching with Sloane to achieve growth and success in my law firm.  During our time together, I did just that, but so much more.  By looking back, I can see that Sloane was one of the first and only people I had in my life that held an open container for me to be, well, just me.  I began to open up to her with what my truest desires were in life, as well as my struggles, hidden secrets, and areas of my life that felt empty or depleted.  She accepted all parts of me with grace and love.  It was through working with Sloane that I fully embraced what I had known for a long time – I never desired to be a lawyer.  I worked with Sloane to unwind myself from aspects of my life I no longer desired.  What emerged for me through our work together was the ability to always turn into my desires (over fear) and to open to the most beautiful life filled with ease, grace, connection and remarkable joy.  I also sold my law firm and stepped into the work I’ve always dreamed of doing. I’m forever thankful for having Sloane touch my life.


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