Your legacy of




Witnessed a woman in her

Full self-expression and personal

Most women never have…
Here’s what I’ve seen and experienced:

It’s from tapping into these qualities and developing them in yourself that you move from creating material success to fulfilling your highest potential.

And then you
become this woman

this fully
expressed being

From this place – success in business, intimacy in relationships,
and genuine enjoyment of life flows with ease because everything falls away that is not in harmony with this way of being.

So what is the path of living from this place, of becoming even more of who you truly are?

How do you know you are
fulfilling your highest potential?

You no longer pretend like you’ve got it all together or you’re perfect. You understand the material you’re made of, including your darkness, and you love all those parts of yourself. Can you genuinely say you are your own greatest supporter, regardless of what you do or say?

The way to create the next-level success and impact you envision is to be in the vibration of pleasure. To cultivate and practice pleasure as a way of life. You align with receiving loving support during important times in your life, especially the times when you’re not feeling pleasure. How often are you experiencing pleasure throughout your day and into the evening?

And with this, the people around you magnify your efforts and love sharing your work in the world. And when life gets hard, you are comfortable reaching out for support from loving, kind, sovereign community to receive.
Would you enjoy an epic community of sovereign women who are evolving together?

The truth is…the challenge is not in understanding the path, the challenge is in walking the path consistently over time.

Not because it’s not available to you.

But because true embodiment requires you to be immersed into the feeling of who you are as that woman. It requires a tangible, palpable example of what’s possible.

After many years of guiding women to step into their highest potential, I’ve found there are two powerful ways to do so…

One is to grow up with a powerful and embodied woman in your family who imparts this way of being into you from a young age.

Or… choose to walk this path with a woman who’s cultivated mastery in this part of her journey.

You’ve had so much growth and healing, you’ve created success, you’ve come so far and yet, most of us did not have access to a feminine elder who is embodied in this way of being in the world. I’ve been walking this path for many years now and continue to grow…


fulfilling your highest potential

And experience yourself as the Extraordinary Woman you ARE.

As you do, you claim the life you know is possible.
You materialize what’s always been available to you:

Experience Your Next Expansion with Loving Support

Why Work
with Sloane?

Each unique offering is highly curated and masterfully designed to support your focus, clarity, and forward momentum required for your next evolution.
Because every woman is unique – we approach what you need to transform with much care and individualization. My unwavering commitment is to your highest vision – guiding you to step into full alignment and next-level success with more ease, more pleasure, more quickly. Discover what’s most aligned for your journey when you explore our offerings. 

Shift Your Morning Practice From Routine to Ritual

You know how you start your day matters, yet – what if what you’ve been taught about successful morning practices is restricting your true possibilities? Forget the morning “checklist” and discover a whole new way to create a morning ritual that will uplevel how you experience yourself, your day, and all areas of your life.

Expand into what’s possible when you FEEL good every day. 

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I guide powerful women to fulfill their highest potential, feel good, enjoy life, and create success on a whole new level. Together, we are building powerful legacies.

As a former business attorney, I successfully scaled my law firm to over 400 entrepreneur clients (coaching many of them on mindset, operations, team, profitability, and more). This intimacy with hundreds of entrepreneurs gave me a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective. I saw how the most accomplished people made decisions and the subtleties that contributed to their success. I also saw the hard path to creation and the outdated models of entrepreneurship that no longer serve.

I developed mastery in understanding what it truly takes to create the highest version of success – and how unique it is to each person.

When it became clear that I could help my clients in a much more expansive way, I sold my firm to focus exclusively on guiding people on the path to their highest potential and most exquisite version of success. 

Through this experience, now having guided thousands of women around the world, and studying alongside some of the best mentors alive today – I realized something quite profound. I saw that the fast track to transformation is about having a completely new experience of who you really are. More specifically, a live, in-person experience that dissolves your current reality to transcend your outdated beliefs and limitations with ease.

Today, all of our offerings are curated to facilitate this level of transformation for the women dedicated to the path of their highest potential.

This is the journey I invite you to join – where we explore your inner world at a whole new depth, transcending those aspects of yourself that no longer serve you – with ease and a focus on your pleasure.

When you walk this path, you’re invited to enter a co-creative relationship with life and create your ultimate version of success in all aspects. It’s a path of feeling good consistently, regardless of what life presents you. You’ll walk with a loving, experienced guide who is just as committed to your vision as you are, if not more – willing to sit in the fire with you while holding up a mirror to your blind spots. This is the path of alignment with your highest self, for those who know they don’t want anything less.

With love,


Together We Rise


I'm listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky's the limit.

Working with Sloane helped create a seismic shift in my perception of myself and what's possible for my business and life. For one, I have a loving relationship with myself, which is very different than this time last year. And it's spilled over to my business - not only am I going after bigger clients and putting myself out there even more, but I've doubled my revenue. It's insane. I'm also listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky's the limit. 


Janet Gusdorff


Late in 2019 I was at a point in my life where I knew that my life could feel better. I had been through a divorce and other significant life challenges that left me feeling depleted and low, but the one thing I realized is that I was the common element to all of those challenges. And something in me knew very deeply that life could be more joyful and just feel better. This is when Sloane and I connected.

As I sit here today on my flight home from two weeks in Kenya- the most glorious and transformative experience with wonderful open-hearted and growth-minded women- I could not be more grateful, proud and excited about all that is my life now.

I have a thriving business; a deep, loving, fun and peaceful relationship with my kids; and a deep and loving relationship with myself. I still experience challenges and activations, but I am able to approach them with curiosity to know myself better (rather than ego); confidence that I know I am on the right path and compassion for myself and how far I have come.

Sloane has a unique gift for shining her light to help you see yourself better; challenging you when you need it; and helping you realize all that is already inside you to be able to have a life that you love-- whatever that means to you.

Working with Sloane is the greatest gift I have given myself and I feel so much gratitude to myself and to Sloane for lighting the way.


Katie Lasky


If you’re even questioning the power of Sloane’s ask, say yes.

If you’re even questioning the power of Sloane’s ask, say yes. You will walk away from anything she hosts with a newfound love for yourself and those you serve.

Melanie Spring

International Keynote
Speaker & Speaker Trainer

I've slowed down, I'm more present and focused - and my business has more than tripled in the last year.

Before working with Sloane, I was always in go mode.  I always had too much to do and never enough time to do it. I've slowed down, I'm more present and focused - and my business has more than tripled in the last year.  What's more, I'm taking care of myself and enjoying the journey now.  I've become so much more confident and fulfilled by what I do.

On a personal side, my marriage is better than it's ever been.  We’re excited about the future we're building together on a whole new level.


Alex Pursglove

Success Coach


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I’ve been hitting snooze on my alarm for a “meditation”

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But move where? 

After 18 years of a love affair with my city, it would have to be somewhere quite special.

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Our Contribution

We honor every woman who chooses to work with us by contributing to Marici – an organization that’s dear and close to our hearts, dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking. We appreciate Marici for their deep devotion to the cause and their unique, skillful approach to this globally complex problem. The Marici team works to eliminate sex trafficking on three levels – – criminal network, community awareness, and rehabilitation. It’s a truly holistic approach to the elimination of this global issue that touches all of us.

To be a part of the solution – we offer consulting services to women in the organization. And, each financial contribution we make, with your support, goes towards freeing girls from slavery – further empowering our mission for women living at their highest potential.


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