There’a a reason many transformative retreats lead these types of epic outer world experiences. They offer a rush of emotion that leads to a fresh perspective on life. I’ve done several and find them exhilarating!

But I find, once the emotional rush subsides – days, weeks, and sometimes months later – you’re still the same you that stepped on that bridge and took a leap.

I found that the true peak experiences that create lasting transformation – are the ones that focus first on your Inner World adventure.

I think of it as “book ending” a transformative inner-world experience with an epic emotional state of being, knowing that the two compliment each other.

In truth, after leading many transformative experiences (and you probably know this) sometimes the inner world adventure feels like a scarier leap than the one you take off the bridge.

That’s because when you join me to attend the Beyond The Edge retreat – I’m asking you to take a leap into the unknown, a leap into yourself – and there’s no proverbial harness to catch you.

Instead, what you find on the other side is an experience of yourself from a vantage point of your highest potential – a transformation that’s embodied and lasting. And sometimes, something you wouldn’t have expected. 😉

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*Beyond The Edge is my signature retreat, one of its kind, that encapsulates a series of Peak Experiences over the course of 4 days at a beautiful estate in Northern California.