It often plays out in one of the following ways:

— you used to feel energized by the business but now it feels like slogging
— you can see another direction you could take, but the idea lingers in the background while you go on with business as usual (which is probably quite successful)
— you’re uninspired by your clients
— there’s something behind the scenes you’re excited about but you can’t see how it would integrate with the business as it currently stands

But because of the success of the business, there’s a natural hesitation to sell or redesign or remodel. Understandably, it feels like a lot is at stake. Not to mention the time and energy investment that went into creating something you’re proud of.

*I was proud of my law firm, but at one point, it was simply no longer aligned with my evolving vision, my deeper calling.

But one thing I know to be true… is that you can’t be at your maximum impact and success if you are not 100% aligned with your business as it stands right now.

If even there’s a tiny shred of… “maybe I should be doing this,”

You’ll never reach the highest potential of impact and success that’s available to you.
The tiniest shred will always be the glass ceiling limiting you.

It helps to be reminded that this “shred” is intuitive intelligence, information guiding you towards something greater. And you get to follow that if you choose.

If there’s even a tiny part of you that’s seeking more alignment in your business right now, I invite you to one of the following:

1) You can start by following the signature process I take my clients through when we redesign their business offerings. You’ll be surprised how simply upleveling your offer suite can realign your entire business to serve you and your vision at a deeper level.

2) If you sense there’s deeper misalignment beyond your offer suite and simple tweaks, and you desire support – let’s connect.

*My calendar is open to limited spots every month for the women who are ready to re-align fully (in a way where you’re not burning bridges but making a conscious transition with the most ease). Send me a message if this is you.

3) And, I saved the best for last… Beyond The Edge Retreat dates are here, and I don’t know of a better way to step into your highest vision, and set yourself up for inspired success. Ask me about it, and we can see if it’s the right experience for you.

To your deepest alignment and success,