So many women share with me how, after years of coaching, therapy, and healing – there’s still a lingering sense that there’s something you haven’t yet touched, uncovered, or unlocked.

I know this feeling so intimately because it was only a few years ago when I asked myself, “What am I not seeing?”

Even after a decade of personal development work, I felt as if there was a subtle knowing that I was not going ALL the way to my highest expression and life experience.

If you’ve recently had this insight – know this might be an important pivotal moment, where you’re ready to go to the depth you haven’t been to before.

And, through my personal experience of this, I realized that our mentors, coaches, guides can only take us as deep as they have gone themselves. (Which is sometimes the reason why after years of therapy, you still feel “untapped” to your fullest potential and expression)

I’m curious, have you ever had this feeling and experience?