*If you believe yourself to be very open, raw, and honest with yourself and people in your life, I invite you to keep reading… because this is likely for you <3

It’s so deep at the core (for us women especially) because we’ve learned to operate in portrayal for success. I know it’s gotten me far, and it’s probably served you as well.

You’ve portrayed and embodied the qualities of a powerful woman in business.
You’ve learned how to fulfill other people’s expectations and always strive to fulfill your own.
You’ve known how to be a woman who achieves things, who makes sure her partner or husband feels like a man, or perhaps who does what you want him to…

You think it’s what you need to do to get what you want.
Without realizing it’s the very thing stopping you from getting it.

All this time, you wonder why you’re not living out your highest potential.
But, it’s simply not possible.

I fell in love with gifting women the experience of being their highest self – rediscovering who they are at the core, and practicing being that person.

Imagine getting the opportunity to BE the version of yourself you’ve sacrificed to fulfill all these expectations.

You get the experience of being seen and seeing yourself with a whole new perspective – untethered from the expectations and portrayal. I witness it every time women come into the Beyond The Edge retreat.

You arrive and shed your identity, often for the first time in your life. You get the chance to practice being you in a safe space, where no one knows who you are and everyone is focused on their own evolution.

You discover a whole new way of being and seeing possibilities – unbarred from the limits you’ve unknowingly placed on yourself.

As you can imagine, it creates a massive shift and ripple effect that touches all aspects of life – business, love, relationships & the big vision.

*if you’re ready to experience this, reach out to me about Beyond The Edge retreat dates.