I didn’t draw, sculpt, or sing – and I believed creativity was reserved for the artists. But when I realized it’s so much more than that and started treating my life like a blank canvas where the paintbrush is how and where I choose to devote my creativity – I began to look for ways to express that creativity.

As a lover.
When creating my offerings in business.
When curating my home.
Designing experiences for myself, my friends, family, and clients.

In the beginning of this discovery, I found creativity when practicing corporate law and how I structured my services (to this day, I don’t know of a firm that did things quite the way we did).

Even sending gifts to clients is a creative love affair. From choosing the most thoughtful gift to wrapping it with intention. Every element of the client experience is a part of my creative expression.

Today, I treat my creativity as the life force that I infuse into everything I do. I treat it as the pinnacle of my self-expression.

I find, when I bring this level of intention and creative consciousness into what I’m doing – it becomes a powerful part of my legacy, my ripples in the pond.

It fuels my business growth, my relationship with my daughter and other precious relationships, and various creative pursuits that inspire me – like writing a book or doing an elaborate photoshoot production in the middle of nowhere, California.

As you step into the new year, where will you infuse your creativity with intention? What’s a creative project or experience you’re most excited about?