Warrior of The Heart


An intuitive, high-touch plant
medicine retreat, unlike any other

Your mind goes quiet. The only sounds are the gentle instruments playing around you, in perfect union with the rise and fall of your breath, the sound of the breeze rustling through the 40 acres of forest that surrounds you. 

Your body naturally moves and sways, and you don’t question it. You realize that you feel so nourished, so loved, so supported in this moment, stepping into the unknown. 

You close your eyes and surrender, ready to receive the totality of this experience. Ready for the medicine to deliver exactly what you need, what you’ve always needed. 

This is only the beginning… 

Warrior of the
Heart Retreat

Warrior of the Heart Retreat is your opportunity to experience the remarkable healing and insight that Ayahuasca plant medicine has to offer, in a way unlike any other. Together, our team holds decades of experience in guiding travelers through their spiritual medicine journeys and will be here with you through the days leading up to, during, and after your journey for a total of 40 days.

What is the
experience like?

The beauty in a medicine journey is that the message and guidance you receive is exactly what YOU need in this moment, which is why no two experiences will ever be the same. 

For some it feels like years of therapy in hours. For others it may feel like coming home to a part of you that you forgot even existed. It can feel like the most powerful coaching call you’ve ever experienced. 

Or it might feel like all three rolled into one: however it shows up for you, you can guarantee it will come in the form you need the most, right now. 

We have custom created this high-touch retreat to include the support of myself and 3 powerful entheoguides,  so the support and guidance you need is always there, no matter what. Not only will you be guided in a way that offers the most direct impact for your own healing and growth, we will be right there beside you after the process, to help you unpack what you discovered and apply it to the areas of your life that you need most. 

When you enter this space, it’s not only those around you who allow you to feel held and uplifted, it’s in every detail…both provided by nature and man made. You’ll find it in the the rustic setting deep in nature that invites you to leave the world behind and free yourself to what awaits you, in the carefully prepared gourmet foods thoughtfully tended to by our personal chef (with local organic food to support your heightened state) and even in the decadent faux fur blankets, curated reading material and other meaningful touches that have been carefully chosen for you, for this experience.

Why 40 days?

Because we want you to receive the kind of sacred experience that truly stays with you.

This is not about you cleansing for a few days, having a powerful moment on the mat, and forgetting it all the moment you get home and step on a Lego, left only with a good story to tell at parties.

Ancient civilizations have used plant medicine for deep healing, right-of-passage ceremonies, and harmonious preparations. They lived together, grew together, and as a result, their journeys were beautifully intertwined for life, that’s the type of community we are creating within this experience. When used as we do in this experience, by those who truly know how to navigate through the depths of what’s revealed, plant medicine can be the catalyst that enhances and elevates all areas of your life.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Because a profound plant medicine journey can feel like a lot to take in at once, we 
will be there to guide you through the most impactful way to fully embrace the message and vision you received and understand even more of how it can be used to create major shifts in how you live your life, what you’re creating, and the impact you’re here to make.


We have considered and carefully planned every detail of the journey ahead of time for you, this includes the community that will surround you. This attendee list is carefully curated to ensure that everyone attending is a person of influence who is dedicated to his/her growth. This not only ensures powerful growth and support from each other during the weekend, but we’ve found that many attendees form powerful friendships and business relationships here that last.

A Deeply
Immersive Location

During your plant medicine journey, you’ll find yourself more aligned and attuned with your environment than ever before. This is why we have carefully chosen your location to provide you with an elevated experience. 

You’ll embark on your journey in rustic luxury, surrounded by a 40-acre old forest with plants and trees that hold their own ancient wisdom and knowledge. There is a pool for grounding, communal accommodations for community and connection, and a special ceremonial yurt designed specifically for this experience. 

Sound and Support

You’ll find that during your journey, different elements provide their own form of support as you venture deeper within. This is why we incorporate fabrics, instruments, and sounds to help you tune in to the areas in which the medicine is calling to you.  

Almost  like a distant song guiding you home. 

This ancient plant medicine has been used for centuries, dating as far back as 900 b.c, to the Chavin people of Peru. In continuing this tradition we honor the indigenous cultures that have brought us such remarkable insight and the ability to channel into our divine selves.   

Your Journey,
Your Plant Truth

They say the abuelita comes to you with the exact message you need, which explains why plant medicine creates a more profound level of healing and Growth. The journey is entirely personal, by allowing you to feel the lessons and learnings from your own inner growth work, rather than merely understanding the lessons from a logical perspective.

Ayahuasca plant medicine has hugely influenced my life, success and innovation over the last decade. I learned, when combined with consciousness and personal growth work, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool – not just for healing – but also for clarity, growth, and embodiment. It’s been an essential part of how I guide and support my private clients over the last 6 years because the results are monumental and the truths that are discovered are undeniable.

Everyone’s experience is different and unique. And here are some of the results our clients are consistently experiencing:

Council of three

Your experience will be guided by a council of three exceptionally powerful individuals who will be leading you through their areas of mastery during the preparation before the retreat, the retreat experience itself, and the integration.

You have direct access to all three of us during your stay to embark on conversations that will deepen and expand your experience.

This is the only place where you’ll be able to receive this level of support from us at once, in this capacity, as we focus on making this journey as customized and as nurturing as possible for you.


**Warrior of the Heart Retreat is presented by 
Sloane and Aluna, the 
spiritual corporation/ church of Ethiogenesis**


This very medicine has moved and shifted my life and the lives of my clients in momentous ways, and through connection, love, and support, I will be there to walk through your journey with you. To support you in getting the most out of your time throughout this experience, I will be guiding you through the preparation, dieta, and integration as well as leading the ceremony circles with Alex & Atilla. I will also be present for the ceremonies and available for private conversation during the retreat.

Alexandra (Alex)

Alex embodies powerful femininity and is the wise leader of our ceremony circles. With over 20 years of healing work in various modalities including a certified breathwork practitioner, Alex will be leading our circle ceremonies and processing and setting the stage for your medicine journey as well as partnering with Atilla on guiding you lovingly as you receive your divine message. She is also a certified breathwork practitioner.


Attila brings his grounded, masculine energy to our experience along with his joyful way of experiencing the world. A former marketing executive who followed his calling to dedicate his life to guiding journeys with this healing medicine. Atilla has guided thousands of people worldwide on Ayahuasca journeys and is a certified breathwork practitioner. Together with Alex, Atilla will be supporting and guiding you during your medicine journey.


Thank you for your interest in the Warrior of the Heart Retreat. Please complete the form below for further details and to explore whether this retreat is right for you.


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