Warrior of The Heart


An intuitive and elegant
plant medicine retreat, unlike any other

April 20-24, 2023

Northern California

Combining the ancient wisdom and practices of plant medicine with the latest technology on human potential and integration, join a thoughtfully curated group of leaders and change makers for a deeply transformational retreat & integration.

What happens when you choose the Warrior of the Heart Retreat experience?

Your journey begins 30 days leading up to the retreat itself – getting as 
clear as possible in mind, body, and spirit – in preparation for the plant 
medicine to go deep in the areas you came for.

*Our professional medicine guides and I have thoughtfully developed the preparation process to ensure your time spent with the medicine is potent and clear.

Also during the 30 days, we will spend time together clarifying your 
intention for the ceremony. So you can release the “how” and feel most 
supported through the experience.

is hosted at an expansive, beautiful estate featuring rustic luxury that’s grounded in nature. It’s a beautiful environment for you to feel most supported and nourished as you journey. You’ll also enjoy grounding in heated pools and recharging in beautiful private room accommodations.

The retreat includes a private chef cooking fresh, farmer’s market food, chakra toning, conscious movement, breath work, and genuine connection with our community of people of influence who are each dedicated to their own growth.

Your journey will be guided by professionals who have guided thousands of people worldwide in this medicine experience. In a way that is quite unique, you will have personalized attention and care throughout your journeys. Every detail is thoughtfully and lovingly curated so you can relax, focus on your inner world and be taken care of in every way.

After the Retreat

You’ll be supported through the integration process – gaining clarity on what you’ve learned through the experience and taking aligned action from this new elevated perspective of self and what’s possible.

*Most plant medicine retreats focus exclusively on the plant medicine experiences themselves. Because you are here for your growth and evolution in your life and business, integration and what happens after is typically the most important element of your journey. Our process includes integration on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Lastly, the people you journey with matter. We bring a community of people who are dedicated to their own personal growth and who are people of influence in the world. This allows for a higher level of conversation throughout the weekend (including inspiration for you as you listen and connect), and a higher vibration of energy at a time when you are the most open.

Our community members continue to build relationships in powerful ways following the retreat experience.

Together, we step into
a peak experience

curated over the course of 45 days (preparation, retreat & integration) designed to fully elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Intelligently weaving together a high-touch process, so you receive the maximum impact optimized to support your next quantum leap.
curated over the course of 45 days (preparation, retreat & integration) designed to fully elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Intelligently weaving together a high-touch process, so you receive the maximum impact optimized to support

your next quantum leap

Everyone’s experience is different and unique. And here are some of the results our clients are consistently experiencing:

It’s important to note that most of our clients who attend Warrior of the Heart Retreat have never before experienced plant medicine. The journey is truly set and designed in the most intentional and nourishing way – no matter if you’re intimately acquainted with the medicine or it’s your first journey.

Praise for Warrior of
the Heart Retreat

Ayahuasca is not for the faint of heart, and it is a beautiful healing medicine.

This retreat sets you up in such a powerful way with loving guides to take care of you the entire journey. Thank you for creating yet another divine retreat for my growth, Sloane. I truly honor you and your wisdom in bringing impactful experiences together.


This was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy in 2 nights.

Life-changing & luxurious. Highly recommended if you truly want to see your shadows AND fall in love with yourself.

Melanie Spring

You’re very supported and everything is taken care of.

I got some very clear messages about what I need to change in my life as well as healed some old wounds that I didn’t even know were there. If you’re looking for a way to clear anything that’s stopping you or you just want to explore more of you, then this is a great way to do it.


This f@!&#* retreat will blow your mind!

There’s preparation and discipline needed, but if you feel called to look at yourself in as thorough a way as humanly possible, to step into your strengths and face your weaknesses head-on, this f@!&#* retreat will blow your mind! Thank you for a life-altering experience.

Dan Russell

Absolutely transformational.

If you’re ready to dive deep and gain invaluable insights, don’t hesitate. This experience is well coordinated and you’ll be luxuriously taken care of the whole time.


*We host both men and women at Warrior of the Heart Retreats.

Thank you for your interest in the Warrior of the Heart Retreat. Please complete the form below for further details and to explore whether this retreat is right for you.


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