A woman in her fullest self expression, personal power
and pleasure moves from merely creating material success
to fulfilling her highest potential in this life.


Sloane is a master facilitator of transformational experiences for ambitious women, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Whether leading a private retreat, speaking on a stage or guiding a roundtable experience at a conference or the boardroom – Sloane brings together the science of success with the art of femininity, self-love and life impact – illuminating a new path for women to live an extraordinary life.

Corporate events &
small group retreats



Alone Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

For those of us with deep feelings of loneliness, the contrast between how we appear on the outside and what’s going on inside of us isn’t always obvious.

Women in Business Q&A

Her passion is to help entrepreneurs find success and freedom through their business and she does this through her law firm, as a mentor and through…

“My commitment is that each woman leaves her experience with me with clarity of a new paradigm for herself as a woman – for performing at her absolute best in all areas of life and business while experiencing the joy and pleasure of being alive. “


“Sloane, wow, wow, wow! I feel like our business model has been in the 18th century! Your loving, sharing, incredible attitude is amazing. Thank you. Thank you! Keep up the great work.”
Donna T.
“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all I’ve gained here. I had to share my excitement - I can barely contain my profound thanks.”
Julie P.
“The real-deal information and energy that Sloane brings are amazing. I believe that anyone who follows through with what she has shared here will succeed on a whole new level. “
Shaina J.
“Sloane guides by example, challenges your way of thinking and inspires change. This has been unlike any experience or educational opportunity I’ve had.”
Angela S.
“Loved it! So educational and brought so much inspiration to our group. I feel like I learned so much not only about success in business but also the person I want to become. “
Christina A.
Walking away with new awareness and growth, new skills to enhance my life and ways to express myself and be seen.
Michelle F.
"Just wanted to let you know I was so inspired by your workshop, Sloane. For the first time in my life, I danced for myself. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but I was in my body and I wasn’t dancing for or with anyone else, just myself. I'm seeing and now experiencing this whole new avenue of feminine power in a way I never have before."
Lisa M.
"Sloane’s talk was the most powerful part of this event for me so far. Feels like that 90 minutes changed my perspective of who I am and what’s truly possible for me."
Mallory M.
“This was such a powerful
interview. I loved every single
point and it so much supports what
I have been learning from David. One lovely statement…..” Command, save, and hold that awareness as you go out into the world”.
Kandasha M.


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Official Bio

Sloane is a former business attorney – having scaled and sold her boutique law firm – with almost two decades of experience advising entrepreneurs and companies that range from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Sloane used this experience, along with her own personal journey, to develop mastery in guiding others in creating their unique and highest version of success with a focus on ease and pleasure.

Today, she leads powerful women to their fullest self-expression and power, supporting them in creating success on a legacy level – and most importantly, walking the path of feeling good consistently in pleasure. As a catalyst to women’s highest potential – Sloane facilitates transformational peak experiences and retreats around the world.

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