What if all the work you’ve done,
the foundation you created, was just to
bring you to your greatest adventure yet?

Your relationship



What if all the work you’ve done, the foundation you created, was just to bring you to your greatest adventure yet?

Your relationship

with​ yourself

It's time to illuminate your magnetism

The work you’ve been doing on yourself has been incredibly important. It’s work that has required you to go deep, embrace brutal honesty, and set firm boundaries, and you’ve seen the rewards flourish in multiple areas of your life.

And yet…

There always seems to be room for there to be more.

For it to be even more delicious, even more satisfying, even more aligned with who you are on the inside (or who you’re in the process of becoming).

And for once, the answer isn’t in doing more work. In fact, it isn’t in doing at all.

No, this time, it’s about being.

This time it’s about uncovering such an intense state of self-love, that you’re able to amplify that energy into virtually anything you want to create.

It’s about more than a “never drop your crown” life philosophy …

It’s about embodying such an elevated state of sovereignty that you don’t even need the crown.

And it begins here.

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Falling in Love

with Yourself

A 14-day mini-course that will radically shift the dynamic of your relationship with yourself so you revolutionize the lens through which you experience life itself. 

Sounds pretty powerful, right?
Wait until you experience it for yourself.

Your name is synonymous with “Boss Ass Queen” and there is so much to be proud of when you look at what you’ve accomplished in life.

You could literally have “No one puts Baby in the corner” printed onto your business cards.

And all of that is real to the core. But that doesn’t mean everything feels the way it should feel, or more importantly the way you want it to feel.

Because it’s all becoming a bit too choreographed. You tick box after box and yet that level of success, of fulfillment, of fun…it always seems to stay just out of reach.

You are well aware that this life you’ve been given is a spectacular, precious, one shot deal, and this chapter isn’t one you’re willing to end the story on.

But if the answer isn’t in doing “all the things” then what
is it? Where is it?

Oh, love. It’s you, on a whole new level.

Imagine you have a lover who you respect and admire, there’s something about them that magnetizes you, and yet…for some reason they never look you in the eye. And if they do look you in the eye, it’s fleeting, impersonal, there’s not that deep connection.

And even when you want to believe that this lover wants the best for you, there are moments where they seem critical over the smallest thing, almost like you’re not allowed to make a mistake, or experiment, or fail. Ever.

Then there’s physical intimacy, or more like the lack of intimacy. Touch doesn’t feel seductive, it feels methodical when it happens, more like maintenance than desire.

Knowing the fierce and strong woman you are, I know you wouldn’t tolerate this kind of relationship for long, and yet, it’s exactly the kind of relationship that most women have been maintaining with themselves for years, if not their entire lives.

And here is the thing, having that firework, mind blowing, “I’m so glad I get to be me” connection with yourself isn’t just about feeling confident in how you show up (although that definitely is part of it)…

It’s about creating an intimate relationship with the power within you, in a way that will be reflected in every single area of your life.

The extra commas in your bank account…

The deep satisfaction within your family…

The ability to live a life that truly and authentically self-expressed…

It’s in you. It’s always been in you. Now it’s time to embrace it fully.

Which is why I designed

Falling in Love

with Yourself

For Connection

Every strong relationship starts with a spark, a connection. With consistency, intimacy and real attention that spark of self-love can become the flame that fuels your genius and allows you to create from a place of ease in EVERY area of your life. You know those women who enter a room and have that instant magnetism? The ones who always make it look so effortless? That’s the level we’re talking about here, and it comes from within you.

For Creation

You understand the laws of manifestation, you know how to call in and create what you’re looking for, but the results are less consistent than you may like. Wouldn’t it be better to step into a place where manifesting and calling in your deepest desires felt less accidental and more by design? When your relationship within yourself is firing on all cylinders you consistently remain in a place where you can clearly create life on your own terms.

For Curation

A deeply satisfying life isn’t simply about creating the things you want, but about allowing the things that you don’t align with to gracefully fall away. When you’re giving yourself the full attention you deserve, you hold the most intimate knowledge on what turns you on and what turns you off, like a lover who knows just how much oat milk you like in your coffee. This is how you become the master curator of your own life.

For a Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Okay, so as dark as it may sound, it is a fact that we enter this world alone and that’s exactly how we leave it. But in my opinion, this is actually quite inspiring. How beautiful is it to know that your relationship with yourself is one that you can truly rely on for the rest of your days? The one that you can always count on having your back and knowing exactly what you need? That mind-reading lover you’ve been searching for? Yeah, it’s you.

What makes an epic
self love-affair?

Over our 14 days together you will:

How it works:

I know there is a ton going on in your life which is why it’s so important to prioritize this time for you. I promise it will be juicy, innovative, and adventurous and the more you put into deepening this relationship with yourself the greater the rest of your life will be amplified.

And it starts with saying “yes” to yourself in a way that you’ve never said “yes” before.

We have significantly underestimated
just how much begins within us.

It’s incredibly sexy to sell off a “secret sauce” that leads to a life of fullfilment (emphasis on the full). But the idea that everything we want to create, the vision we’ve been holding so near and dear for ourselves can be achieved by simply loving ourselves better? Well that sounds too easy to believe.

Which is why most women don’t do it.

Instead we reserve self love for “self care sunday” and see how many burning hoops we can jump through to move ourselves closer to the goal post.

Our relationship with ourselves begins to look a lot like the one we have with our favorite social media friend…sure there’s chemistry and conversation, but not much deeper than that. More “Sunday brunch” than “walk down the aisle”.

It’s decent, but it’s definitely not epic, and it’s likely not contributing much to your life as a whole.

Because the only way to reach that place of knowing you are fulfilling your highest potential, of actually enjoying yourself in most moments of your life (I’m talking real, dancing in the kitchen, actual joy) and reaching the highest levels of success, are to have a powerful, solid, and genuine relationship with yourself.

You are the gatekeeper, and just like a good lover…your inner self is entirely aware of when you’re phoning it in and when you’re faking it.

This isn’t thinking about your relationship with yourself or thinking about how you feel about yourself. It isn’t about the intellectual knowledge that you should treat yourself well or even about your level of confidence. It’s about an actual, real life practice of building a relationship with yourself. Day to day. Moment to moment.

(Yes, even the ones you don’t feel so proud of.)

And here’s the thing, it may not feel like Bridgerton worthy from day one. In fact, there’s a good chance you may feel weird in the beginning. It may feel like you’re just going through the motions when you could be doing a thousand other things.

But I promise you there will be a moment when you understand exactly why this is so important. When you become a woman who can make herself laugh, who turns herself on, who lovingly caresses her own body, who creates her own pleasure (physical pleasure and beyond), who has a tender and fierce relationship with herself, your life experience is magnified in joy. You literally march to the beat of your own drum because you know you’re there for you. And not just in an “I’ll be okay” kind of way.

When you feel and experience this from yourself, your paradigm for thought and action shifts from the external to the deepest of internal. An internal that feels good and most importantly, you are able to see, hear and be guided from your inner guidance, your true self, on a whole new level.

Following the guidance of your true self is the greatest life and business strategy of all. You know this, but living in an intimate relationship with yourself is the master key to making it second nature.

And it’s from there that you really experience those highest levels of success (knowing that even more is possible), enjoying your life, feeling truly fulfilled and creating the biggest impact possible with your life.

It’s what I want for you, and it’s what you want for yourself.

Ready to say

Goodbye rigid routine
and Hello pleasure-based ritual”?

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