The Wild


CEO Mastermind &
Africa Adventure

9-month journey to step into
your next-level as Visionary CEO

Create spaciousness with pleasure in your business, culminating in a once in a lifetime adventure in Africa.

*Not your typical business strategy program on scaling, The Wild Visionary is a guided journey to forming and leading the most powerful team, elegantly delegating, & creating freedom for yourself. In genuine mastermind style, you’ll be in collaboration with other powerful and established women creating the same thing. Come join us for a different way. You don’t have to do it alone.

To be a Wild Visionary is to be free – untethered from old ways of operating – and to step into your next up-level as the visionary of your company – powerfully, & with pleasure.

What does your next up-level as the visionary of your company look and feel like?

When was the last time you were able to step away from your business for two weeks?

With no stress of things to delegate, checklists to hand to your assistant, and informing your clients that you’ll be away (all while knowing you’ll need to catch up when you return)…

It’s no wonder the women running successful businesses rarely take time away. It creates more stress than spaciousness. Doesn’t feel worth it…

To be clear, this idea of being the visionary CEO is not just about taking time off, vacationing two months out of the year, or traveling the world (although if this is your thing, I’m here for it!)

Being the visionary of your company is about having the option to do that.

It’s about spending most of your time on the few things you do with mastery.

It’s about having the space to build the most important relationships.
It’s about bringing your joy and presence and creativity to the ongoing evolution and growth of your company.

And yes, it’s about stepping away when you want to or need to – without compromising your business, clients, or your peace of mind.

Ultimately, it’s about expanding your possibilities and what becomes available as a result of being the Wild Visionary CEO.

If you truly want to step into being the visionary as your primary role of your business, expand into new possibilities, impact, and pleasure…come adventure with me.

The Journey to Becoming the
Visionary CEO

If you’ve been journeying on your own – growing, scaling, and building – but have reached a plateau.

If you have a grand vision for 2023 that you’re ready to bring to life.

If you want to see a big leap in your results and how you experience your business.

If you’re ready to focus on what’s most important to you.

If you’re ready to have a genuine community of women who elevate you, support you, and amplify your highest expression….this journey is for you.

Over the course of our time together, you’ll get:

Why Do This
With Sloane?

As someone who’s walked the path of becoming the Visionary CEO (more than once) in my businesses – I’ve done it the hard way and have also learned how to do it with elegance. The path of doing it with elegance is not riddled with checklists and standard business advice on how to “grind it out.” This is the old way of creating in business, and we get to do it differently. It’s about getting clear on what you genuinely desire for yourself next – and understanding the team and resources you’re willing to commit to the process. From there, you get to prioritize how you feel first – honoring your pleasure as much as you honor the process itself. If what you really want is a self-managing company and to live your life as the Wild Visionary of your business, I invite you to come on this adventure with me – and, experience what it feels like to be supported by a community of growth-minded women who are elevating together.

With love,


The Adventure of the
Wild & Visionary

A culmination of your journey & a “test drive” of your expansion

You wouldn’t be the Wild & Visionary CEOs if you didn’t delight in your spaciousness and pleasure! At the end of our 9-month journey together – we adventure.

You get to use this time to actually and truly step away from your business and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

This is a celebration, but also a test drive of your new way of being and operating your business. Stepping away, truly, will highlight areas that work well, and next areas of focus and evolution.

You’ll enjoy a whole new relationship with your business as we adventure to one of the most energetically charged places in the world…Africa.

This is the opportunity to live, and experience yourself in the absolute embodiment of your newly expanded possibilities.

This is where you, as the Wild &
Visionary CEO, come to life.

Why Africa?

As the cradle of humankind – Africa holds a powerful energy. It’s given me a new and profound experience of my own personal power – and I know it will do the same for you. Being there will expand what’s possible for you – in terms of your personal evolution and your global impact. Being there will give you an experience of self-nourishment and a new understanding of what that means.

This is the power that lives there -and why traveling to Africa alone is a life-changing experience. And…traveling to Africa under my care is next-level life-changing. You’ll see why.

What awaits…

At the end of our 9-month journey – you’ll log off from your business – perhaps for the first time in a while – to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Africa.

*Keep in mind, most aspects of the adventure remain undisclosed so you can experience yourself completely in the present moment, without expectation. Know that all experiences are designed for your highest evolution. While we don’t share every detail of the itinerary, below is a glimpse of what awaits so you can feel into the essence of this experience.

Your adventure begins on March 15th as you land in Nairobi.

For the next 9 days, you’ll be immersed in the brilliance Kenya has to offer. In collaboration with a Kenyan woman whose family has owned lodges in Kenya for several generations – we are curating private bespoke experiences designed to elevate your sense of personal power, expand and inspire you. Not only will you experience Kenya in a completely unique and powerful way, you’ll also meet local groups of women dedicated to innovating in areas of business, education, and more.


Hemingways Nairobi

This 45-suite boutique hotel elevates the standard of luxury for travelers in the region. Beautiful in its symmetry and flooded with natural light, this property is airy and spacious. Each suite has a private balcony overlooking the iconic silhouette of the Ngong Hills.

Segera Retreat

Located in the heart of the Laikipia Plateau, Segera is a unique destination with both arid and savannah landscapes. Just eight luxury villas in a private game reserve of 50,000 acres in the foothills of Mt Kenya makes Segera very private and exclusive. You’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes, including views of Mount Kenya right from the lodge, and enjoy the proximity to rare wildlife such as big cats, giraffes, and zebras.

Finch Hattons Luxury Safari Camp

Finch Hattons is a luxury tented safari camp that combines its love for Tsavo with world-class facilities. The camp is completely isolated, so much so that you would be forgiven for forgetting that the rest of the world exists at all. In this place, it’s just you, the vast and varied terrain that stretches in every direction, and the many beasts and birds that call it home.

Women-Led Experiences

We have a variety of incredible experiences planned with local groups of women – rooted in collaboration and support of women-led projects and groups. The intention is to meet other powerful women who are creating meaningful change, impact, and innovative initiatives – further expanding the view of who you are and what’s possible.

Bespoke Adventures & Self-Care

Our group will enjoy specially curated experiences – designed with intention just for us. As well as opportunities to partake in traditional healing and ceremonies while enjoying ample time in nature and space in between.

Who is invited to the 9-month Wild
Visionary CEO Mastermind &
Africa Adventure?

The women invited into the Mastermind are, by all measures – successful, powerful, and know who they are. They are accomplished women, entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives leading impactful companies and teams. Most importantly, they are heart-based leaders dedicated to their growth – with a desire to collaborate and elevate each other – ensuring a profound and fun experience.

If you are unsure about the timing of your plans for 2023 and unable to commit to the Africa Adventure – rest assured that the Mastermind alone is a powerful experience worth the investment.

Thank you for your interest in the Wild Visionary CEO Mastermind & Africa Adventure. Please complete the form below for further details and to explore whether this mastermind is right for you.


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